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VETTA | Support Service


From design and  delivery to after sales service and warranty service, we are here to support you.

Window & Door Delivery

When you place your order, VETTA will provide you with a delivery plan. To help us plan effectively, please provide any special transport requirements you have. 


Default transportation is a 40-foot sea container, transferred to rail then hauled by truck. If your order is less than a full container, we will load your cargo with that of other VETTA clients, or with a less-than-full-load carrier to keep costs low.  Where feasible, VETTA can arrange specialised equipment options such as a high cube enclosed truck with tailgate. 


Deliveries to residential areas are roadside drops. You will be responsible to unload the cargo and have appropriate labour and equipment to ensure adequate safety for everyone involved.


Your goods are fully insured from factory to delivery. The truck driver will ask you to sign a bill-of-lading which legally transfers ownership of the cargo to you. Protect your rights by inspecting the cargo before you sign. We work with preferred freight partners with years of experience handling VETTA’s cargo. However, accidents can happen. If there is damage, note it on the bill of lading with your signature and notify VETTA immediately so we can quickly begin to act. You have an additional 3 months after the delivery date to notify VETTA of missing items or damage not visible at time of delivery. 

VETTA | Installing team

Window & Door Installation

In the Passive House / high performance industry, it is

usually the builder who installs windows and doors, a critical task to get right in order to achieve the required building energy performance targets.


It is important to use a qualified tradesperson experienced in high performance installation and use of VETTA's installation guidelines Refer to the downloads listed at the bottom of this page. 

VETTA offers: 

  • Consultation with our installation experts and review of our installation guidelines.

  • On request, referral to Preferred Installers. Install quotes and related warranty will be between you and these independent third-party installers.

Window & Door Care, Maintenance and Support

VETTA windows and doors are engineered and manufactured to last a lifetime and more. We believe in our product so much, that for more than a decade, VETTA team members have been installing VETTA windows and doors in their own homes. We love to talk about it, just ask us!

Just like your Grandmother’s antique dining cabinet, a bit of love will help keep your windows and doors looking great and working well.

VETTA | Care Support

Occasional dusting and gentle soap and water will prevent dust and debris from gumming up the moving parts of your windows and doors. Applying a weather protecting conditioner to your wood stain will help extend its colour life.  A bit of oil spray silicone on the rubber gaskets will keep them from drying out. If you notice some resistance when you operate a window or door, it’s likely a result of your house settling. Some quick hardware adjustments will bring it back to level.


Many of the problems our Service team sees relate to install issues. For example, poor frame to wall anchoring, doors not installed plumb, blockage of a window’s exterior moisture drainage system, and/or poor insulation sealing on the interior. It is critical to ensure proper installation to ensure windows and doors will function as intended for decades to come. 

The beauty of VETTA windows and doors are resilient.  Nail holes and scratches can quickly be fixed with some wood filler.  If a baseball cracks the glass, the IGU can be popped out of the sash and replaced. Lost some hinge covers or screen clips? VETTA has an expansive inventory of replacement parts. Looking for a design or colour refresh? Give the wood a fresh coat of paint or swap out your handles or alu-cladding for a fresh new look, all less expensive and gentler on the environment than complete replacement of windows and doors. 


Looking for ventilation product and support downloads? Go to the VETTA Air webpages for details.    

Carefully review VETTA’s Warranty, located in the Client Login tab. 

  • 10 years - Aluminum clad wood frames.

  • 10 years - Coatings on Aluminum Cladding.

  • 10 years - Annealed and Tempered Glass (some exceptions).

  • 2 years - Handles and hardware.

  • 5 years - Laminated Glass and Capillary Tubes (some exceptions).

  • Some exceptions apply.   


Have questions, need some help?  Check out our Youtube Channel  for helpful videos or contact our Service team for assistance. 

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