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Our Team

We bring together diverse expertise – from construction, carpentry and architecture to engineering, logistics, and sustainability – 
With a shared passion for moving the industry towards Passive House performance and climate resiliency. 

Amanda, Home Owner

Ontario, Canada

 "Visitors to our home often comment on the beauty of the doors and windows, the high quality finishing, the superior mechanisms in the doors and their heft... I sometimes had to wait a bit for a response...but any issues I had were dealt with professionally.....Ronny was fabulous. He was meticulous.... he went the extra ensure the doors were set to maximize their efficiency......everything had been done with detail, a high level of competency and with care.  I always knew VETTA was an outstanding product and I can definitely say that they have the customer support to back up that product. I would definitely recommend VETTA to anyone interested in very high quality, gorgeous, high- performance windows and doors." 

Chris, Home Owner

Ontario, Canada

 "In our pursuit of an economical, high performance home, Alec and Sara were indispensable every step of the way. Much more than just awesome windows and doors. Their deep understanding of passive house principles, building experience and commitment to better homes meant they were second to none in helping us move into a house we appreciate and enjoy every day." 
VETTA | James Hawkey

James Hawkey, MBA


VETTA | Carolyn Sedgwick

Carolyn Sedgwick,

Vice President

VETTA | Sara James

Sara James


VETTA | Alec Shalinsky

Alec Shalinsky, CPHTP


VETTA | Myles Ekman

Myles Ekman

Regional Manager, Quebec and Eastern Canada

VETTA | Gergely Cserhati

Gergely Cserhati, BPhil

Regional Manager, Ontario and Western Canada

VETTA | Ronny Koeppe

Ronny Koeppe, CPHTP, MC

Service Manager


Ranjan Manivelu, BEng., PMP, LEED GA

Ventilation Business Development Manager

VETTA | Darren Hearfield

Darren Hearfield, NZB

Project Manager

VETTA | Ben McEwen

Ben McEwen, CPHB, RSE

Project Manager

VETTA | Kim Degenkolb

Kim-Marie Degenkolb, BArch

Project Manager


Steffen Knochel, MSc, CPHD, Dipl.-Ing. Architect 

Project Manager

VETTA | Jolene Ekman

Jolene Ekman


VETTA | Niyanta Thakkar

Niyanta Thakkar, BArch

Project Coordinator & Estimator

VETTA | Tj Hebert

TJ Hebert



Mukul Negi, BTech/Eng


VETTA | Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca Marsh, BA

Client Services Lead

VETTA | Bhav Kaur

Bhavsirjan Kaur, BCom

Logistics Lead

VETTA | Lee Constant

Lee Constant

Operations Analyst

VETTA | Karyn Wiseman

Karyn Wiseman, CPB

Corporate Accounting

VETTA | Kelly Creen

Kelly Creen

Social Media Coordinator

VETTA | Islay


Office Doorbell

VETTA | Abbey


Office Supervisor

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