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Our Team

We bring together diverse expertise – from construction, carpentry and architecture to engineering, logistics, and sustainability – 
With a shared passion for moving the industry towards Passive House performance and climate resiliency. 

VETTA | James Hawkey

James Hawkey, MBA


VETTA | Carolyn Sedgwick

Carolyn Sedgwick, MES

Vice President

VETTA | Sara James

Sara James


VETTA | Alec Shalinsky

Alec Shalinsky, CPHTP


VETTA | Myles Ekman

Myles Ekman

Regional Manager, Quebec and Eastern Canada

VETTA | Gergely Cserhati

Gergely Cserhati, BPhil

Regional Manager, Ontario and Western Canada

VETTA | Ronny Koeppe

Ronny Koeppe, CPHTP, MC

Service Manager

VETTA | Darren Hearfield

Darren Hearfield, NZB

Project Manager

VETTA | Ben McEwen

Ben McEwen, CPHB, RSE

Project Manager

VETTA | Kim Degenkolb

Kim-Marie Degenkolb, BArch

Project Manager

VETTA | Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca Marsh, BA

Client Services Lead

VETTA | Jolene Ekman

Jolene Ekman


VETTA | Bhav Kaur

Bhavsirjan Kaur, BCom

Logistics Lead

VETTA | Tj Hebert

TJ Hebert


VETTA | Niyanta Thakkar

Niyanta Thakkar, BArch

Project Coordinator

VETTA | Lee Constant

Lee Constant

Operations Analyst

VETTA | Karyn Wiseman

Karyn Wiseman, CPB

Corporate Accounting

VETTA | Kelly Creen

Kelly Creen

Social Media Coordinator

VETTA | Islay


Office Doorbell

VETTA | Abbey


Office Supervisor

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