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Performance Matters

VETTA | HS Gaspereau 4055

About Us

Building better for a climate resilient world.

LOCAL. We are a leading Canadian supplier of custom made high-quality European product with the local expertise and support of a coast-to-coast team.


ECOLOGICALLY LED. We exclusively offer triple-glazed windows and doors, all made from sustainably harvested wood. Add our heat and energy recovery ventilation solutions to reduce heat loss while providing constant fresh air for a healthier and more comfortable home.

PERFORMANCE DRIVEN. Since 2015 VETTA products have been used in hundreds of high performance and certified Passive House new build and retrofit projects. 

VETTA | HS Gaspereau 4055

Fine European Craftsmanship 

Our manufacturing partners are leaders in hand crafted custom innovative design and thermal performance.


They are passionate about their work and about protecting the local forests that support their livelihoods and communities.


They use only the highest quality materials including:  

  • ​​Sustainably harvested European pine (Pinus Sylvestris), a dense species with higher strength and thermal properties as compared to other pines.​

  • European glass with exceptional clarity and performance low-e coatings.

  • German steel hardware.

  • Heavy gauge aluminum cladding, sills, and screens.

VETTA |  FSC - Sokolka
VETTA |  Sokolka Windows & Doors
VETTA | Thermal performance

Exceptional Product

Performance isn’t proven in a logo or glossy brochure. It all comes down to what you touch, see and hear.


Open a giant wall-to-wall lift & slide with the tip of your finger or press your hand on our glass, which remains room temperature even when its icy cold or sweltering hot outside.


Activate our entry door’s locking system to see the giant German steel claws unfold.

Leave the outside noisy world behind and enjoy the silence of a VETTA window or door.

VETTA | Wood High performance
VETTA | Wood High performance

Why wood?

Wood contributes to healthy indoor air quality.  It offers superior durability, structural rigidity and the widest range of shapes and sizes. It is easy to care for and easy to repair. 

Wood harvested from sustainably managed forests protects ecosystems, wildlife and watersheds. It is the leading method of carbon capture critical for climate resiliency as recommended by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.    

Embodied Carbon in VETTA Windows & Doors:

74 kg/C02e per m2*, or ≤ 0.0 kg/C02e per m2** 

when adjusted for the carbon sink benefit. 

*BfCA BEAM Calculator

**J.Salazar, Eco-efficient Construction & Building Materials, 2014 

Why high performance?

High performance glass makes a well-insulated wall assembly perform better. 

Low performance glass drags down overall performance, no matter what you do with the walls.


Good glass improves performance exponentially.


Christine Williamson

Director of Building Science


VETTA | Passive House certification support

Exceptional Service

Our factory trained and certified Passive House staff are ready to help you from design and delivery to after sales service and warranty support.​ We believe in great communication and always keeping you informed.

Check out our 5 star reviews on Google.

What is a Passive House?

In 1977, the first passive build, Canada's Saskatchewan Conservation House, ignited a global movement. Later perfected by the Passive House Institute in Germany, this revolutionary design has proven successful all over the world, from the far north to the tropics. 


Just like a thermos keeps liquids hot or cold, a Passive House stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter with little or no need for energy powered heating or cooling.  


A Passive House requires: 

1.Super-insulated Envelopes

2.Airtight Construction

3.High Performance Windows / Doors

4.Thermal-Bridge-Free Detailing

5.Heat / Energy Recovery Ventilation

VETTA | Passive House Institute

Passive House in 90 Seconds" by Hans Jorn-Eich at Pinwheel Structures,

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