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VETTA | HS Gaspereau 4055

About us

At VETTA, our mission is to build better for a climate resilient world

We are a leading Canadian supplier of custom made alu-clad wood windows, doors and ventilation solutions, for high performance buildings, Net-Zero and Passive House projects.


All our triple-glazed windows and doors are made from wood and clad in durable aluminum exteriors.


Add our energy saving ventilation solutions to reduce heat loss while providing a stream of constant fresh air to make your home healthier, cleaner and more comfortable.


We combine high-quality European product with the local expertise of a coast-to-coast team.

VETTA | HS Gaspereau 4055
VETTA | Windows and Doors


Our European Engineered windows maximize natural daylight and views with high-performance glazing and frames. All windows feature compression seals which keep the noise and drafts out while keeping the comfort in. Our windows are used in high-performance builds, deep energy retrofits and many Passive House and Net Zero projects.   


Discover the difference of durable, safe, quiet and energy efficient doors which incorporate your specifications and personal creativity in every design. 

Choose from entry, balcony, lift & slides and bi-folds. You will be amazed at the fine European craftsmanship and endless possibilities. 

Fine European Craftsmanship 

Our manufacturing partners are leaders in hand crafted custom innovative design and thermal performance.


They are passionate about their work and about protecting the local forests that support their livelihoods and communities.


They use only the highest quality materials including:  

  • ​​Sustainably harvested European pine (Sylvestris Pinus), a dense species with higher strength and thermal properties as compared to other pines.​

  • European glass with exceptional clarity and performance low-e coatings.

  • German steel hardware.

  • Heavy gauge aluminum cladding, sills, and screens.

VETTA |  FSC - Sokolka
VETTA |  Sokolka Windows & Doors
VETTA | Thermal performance

Exceptional Product

We offer superior value in thermal performance, load strength, water/air tightness, durability, acoustic barrier and glass clarity.


Select from a range of shapes, sizes, colours, stains, handles and pull bars. 


We choose these products with great care to ensure the highest quality and best value for our clients.

VETTA | Wood High performance
VETTA | Wood High performance

Why wood?

Wood is a timeless, natural, high value building material that contributes to healthy indoor air quality.  It offers superior durability, structural rigidity and the flexibility to create the widest range of shapes and sizes. It is easy to care for and easy to repair. 

Wood harvested from sustainably managed forests help protect natural ecosystems, wildlife, and watersheds, and is a critical carbon capture method necessary in the fight against climate change.    

Upfront Embodied Carbon:

74 kg/C02e per m2 of our windows and doors (Source: BfCA BEAM Calculator), or 

≤ 0.0 kgC02e per m2 when adjusted for the carbon sink benefit of an alu-clad wood window (Source: J.Salazar, Eco-efficient Construction and Building Materials, 2014). 

Why high performance?

VETTA was founded on the belief that windows and doors should be more than just great design and craftsmanship.


It all started when VETTA's founders built a high performance Casa Clima Gold certified home in Italy.


After returning to Canada, they began work on a Net Zero deep energy retrofit, but struggled to find quality products that met their needs.


They wanted windows and doors that kept outside weather and noise out, offered superior anti-theft security, and contributed to a healthy and comfortable indoor air quality.


The result was the creation of VETTA Building Technologies Inc. / VETTA Windows

VETTA | Passive House certification support

Exceptional Service

Our factory trained and certified Passive House staff are ready to help you from design and delivery to after sales service and warranty support.​ We believe in great communication and always keeping you informed.

Check out our 5 star reviews on Google.

What is a Passive House?

A Passive House stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter with minimal or no need for heating and cooling. So if the power goes out, the building remains livable. 

This building method has proven successful all over the world for decades, from the far north to tropical regions, and has become a clear target for climate resiliency in cities across North America. 

VETTA | Passive House Institute

Passive House in 90 Seconds" by Hans Jorn-Eich at Pinwheel Structures,

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