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As you browse through our products, you will probably become, just like us, enthusiasts of natural materials, eco-friendly solutions and the undeniable charm of wood. The question we frequently hear is: Why is it worth choosing wood windows?

Wood is beautiful. Its beauty is based  of numerous factors – structure, unique ring pattern, it’s pleasant to the touch, and its use increases the aesthetics of the entire building. No timber look alike veneer, regardless of quality, can imitate this natural charm.

Wood windows are also much safer in case of a fire. Melting plastic windows release hazardous and toxic substances. Burning wood does not emit such dangerous gases. Thanks to their structure, wood windows maintain their load carrying capabilities during a fire, unlike PVC windows which simply melts.

Wood is close and friendly to humans. For centuries people have been using wood as a building material. There is a reason why we go for a stroll in a park when we want to relax. Wood provides a friendly microclimate, absorbing excess moisture from the outside, and “giving it back” when necessary. It is truly breathable.

Wood is a truly an eco-friendly material. All our windows employ FSC certified wood products. This means that all our wood is harvested from sustainable, well managed forests. Waste wood from the manufacturing process can be used as fuel for heating, or as material for production of chipboards. At the end of their life cycle, wood windows can be almost 100% recycled.  Even the glass and aluminum can be 100% recycled and reused for production. And even if not recycled wood will undergo natural decomposition. Unfortunately, PVC does not undergo the same natural decomposition. Once introduced into the environment, it will stay there forever.

Wood windows are energy efficient. In today’s market of energy efficient homes, the importance of windows is high on everyone’s priority list. Modern wooden joinery provides very good performance. This is possible thanks to numerous design features in the construction of the windows and the  glazing used. We have windows that arrive at Passive house levels of heat loss for the entire window of Uw= 0.66 W/m2K (R-8.6).

Wood windows offer greater flexibility. Unique shaped windows are often made of wood, as it has higher structural rigidity. Thanks to this, wood windows in unusual shapes can have virtually any dimensions, limited only by the size of the glazing units available in the market, and the strength of the fittings (hinges and locks). This allows us to make, for example, arched balcony doors.

Wood can be renewed. Throughout its decades of service a wood window can be repainted many times in order to match it to the current interior colour scheme and facade colours. This is not possible in the case of PVC windows. Moreover, in the case of minor damage or scratches, a wood window is relatively easy to repair, while a damaged plastic window stays damaged until it is replaced entirely.

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