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We are very hands-on in the energy efficiency world and have been for many years, offering more than simply sales of windows, doors and ventilation products!

All of our incredible products are designed and engineered in Europe, having a long and proven track record. These products are a wonderful collaboration of Polish craftsmanship, engineering with German and Italian hardware.

With this in mind we offer product support right here in Canada. We are proud of the products we sell, we have used them in our own personal projects and we strongly believe in them. Our staff are well versed in building envelope performance. We feel strongly that each project needs to be evaluated when deciding on energy efficiency.

Bring us your design objectives and we will work with you to find attractive solutions. With the strength and expertise of our manufacturers you will be amazed at the variety that you can achieve. Start with an idea and we will put our team of experts on it.

Be delightfully surprised by our prices. Just because you are buying European products does not mean that you pay a premium. We are eager to continue making these products accessible to Canadians.

Our network is extensive throughout Canada and we are passionate about sharing the knowledge and connections we have made. We are thrilled to announce that “building to the best we can” is exploding from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans, right here in Canada.

Pool House windows being installed.jpg


At Vetta, we only supply windows and doors and do not offer installation. This is normal within the industry and gives the client the flexibility to choose whomever they wish to install their windows. Usually the client’s contractor or builder will incorporate the installation of the windows as part of their renovation or new home build.

We will provide “Best Practice” guidelines on installation techniques. During and after the installation we are available for support at anytime.


To help you further, depending on where your project is, we may be able to supply a list of independent companies who could assist, keeping in mind that they operate independently from Vetta and it will be up to the client to obtain quotes for the installation.

Warranties that relate to the installation will be between you and your installer.

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After you have placed your order, the production of your windows and doors will begin in Europe. When the order is complete, the manufacturer will very carefully wrap and package your order. It will be placed and secured in a container at the factory and then transported by truck to the port, where it will be loaded onto a cargo ship to cross the ocean. Depending on the location of your job, once the container arrives in Canada, we will then either ship the container by rail or truck, directly to your job site. If you are not ready to receive the container prior arrangements need to be made with us.

With many, many years of experience in very specialized heavy haul trucking, we understand transportation. Each time your container is handed to another party, your windows are insured. Insurance will be your responsibility only when your windows have been delivered to your jobsite.

We feel confident that we employ only experienced transportation companies who will protect your investment.


Arrival Time:

Leaving from the factory, crossing the Atlantic to either Montreal, Halifax or Vancouver the shipping time will take from 4-5 weeks. We will do our best to keep you informed of the estimated arrival of your order so that you can prepare your installers and contractor for unloading.

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