Compared to typical North American windows, our European engineered windows and glazing make it possible to increase the glass in your home while maintaining excellent energy performance and boosting the natural light.

  • Passive House certified and verified windows

  • Interior wood in finger jointed pine, clear pine or oak

  • Aluminum clad exteriors (RAL palette colours)

  • Triple glazed

  • Enhanced  warm edge spacer (Multitech G)

  • Tilt and Turn European hardware

  • NAFS – 11 tested and approved

  • Responsible harvesting practices

  • Customized sizing and shapes

  • Screens painted to match exterior cladding

  • Superior R-Value

  • No drafts

  • Superior noise attenuation

  • Competitive prices

  • Wood interior sills available

  • Exterior aluminum sills matched to aluminum cladding available

  • Transferable limited warranty, adding value to your investment


Wood windows are an ethical choice and all of our products are harvested responsibly and with sustainability in mind. Keep in mind that wood is stronger than vinyl or plastic. Wood is beautiful and it adds value to your investment.


We offer three choices for our wood windows.

PINE - FINGER JOINTED              Click for a visual example

If sustainable timber is important, you may want to consider finger jointed pine. Interlocking short pieces of pine are used which creates an extremely durable product. It is our most economical option. 

PINE - CLEAR               Click for a visual example

The best for increased R-Values and will be the least expensive. If sustainable timber is important, you may want to consider finger jointed pine. Interlocking short pieces of pine are used which creates an extremely durable product. It is our most economical option.

OAK                  Click for a visual example

For durability, oak is a harder species of wood. Oak is a premium option.



Our glazing units are made in the same factory where your windows are produced. The options are virtually endless. If you can dream it, we can probably provide it.

Our standard triple pane glazing unit with argon gas, performs more than twice as efficiently as a standard double glazed unit. When looking at each window consider its location. The performance of your window depends on it.

  • It is imperative that the factory know the elevation of your site if you are in a mountainous area of Canada.

  • Is privacy an issue?

  • Is traffic noise an issue?

  • Is safety an issue?


Some possible glazing options would be:

  • If the window faces north, you may want to consider using Krypton gas. This will provide a better thermal value (+20%).

  • If the window is facing south, east and west you may want to consider using the Silverstar E glazing. It has a higher Solar Heat Gain coefficient.

  • Privacy glass for bathrooms is available.

  • Custom etched glass can be done, an example would be company logos.

  • For bird lovers, “Ornilux” glass is available. It has an anti-bird reflective coating which prevents window collisions.



You will be amazed at the colour selection that we have available. Many other window manufacturers charge a hefty premium for colour upgrades.

Depending on the product you choose, our windows are finished with either 3 or 4 coats of paint or Teknos stain (an ecological water based product from Finland), in a factory, controlled environment.

All of our windows are aluminum clad on the outside and wood on the inside.

You can choose one or multiple colours externally on the aluminium and different colours, either a stain or a RAL paint colour, internally.

We recommend that you chose from a RAL colour fan which we can provide when you are ready to make colour decisions. Computer monitors are not always reliable.

  • Extra protection is available on the aluminum cladding in areas where corrosion is a risk.



Our windows are engineered and manufactured for longevity. We have proven this by using these products on our own homes. Our windows must be installed properly, operated correctly and maintained. Please review the terms of the Transferable Limited Warranty carefully to ensure that you understand all of its terms and conditions. Available on request.


10 years - Aluminum clad wood frames

10 years - Coatings on Aluminum Cladding

10 years - Annealed and Tempered Glass (some exceptions)

10 years - Handles and hardware

5 years - Laminated Glass and Capillary Tubes (some exceptions)

*Note: There are some exceptions for warranty coverage




Canadian importers of affordable, alu-clad wood windows and doors. Also HRV/ERV ventilation solutions. Advancing the performance of your energy efficient projects.

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