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Elite 92 Alu Tilt and Turn Door 2.JPG
Thermo HS Alu sliding doors
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The doors Vetta offers come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours. We offer exquisite entrance doors, perfect balcony doors and impressive lift and slide patio doors.


Entrance doors offer full entrance functionality with handles on both sides. Deadbolt locking from the inside and keyed entry from the outside. Some models allow for automated entry options, some have exterior pull bars and some feature auto lock functions.


Balcony doors are perfect for situations where door(s) will not be used for entry, for example Juliet balconies. These doors can have a tilt function,  but do not have exterior handles. There is never a risk of being locked out. No dead bolt is available for these doors.

Lift and slide doors are great for large openings and should be considered if you would like to avoid the space that a swing door would require. Glazing for all doors comes with the same array of options as the window glazing.

Once you've determined what type of door will work for your project, click a link below to learn more about our products.

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