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A great many styles for entry doors


Vetta entry doors have been designed to provide years of reliable service for entrance and egress. They are equipped with handles on both sides and a keyed cylinder lockset. Depending on the style of door chosen, some doors can be configured as inward or outward opening some only as inward opening. The robust European hinges allow for larger door designs and all feature a multipoint locking hardware system. A low threshold is standard in all of our doors.

All doors are wood with an exterior aluminum cladding except the CAL doors which are also available in an “All Wood” option. Choose from an immense collection of colours with the RAL palette, giving your entry door your personal touch.

Our doors are NAFS – 11 tested and approved.


We recommend that you look through our “Decision Chart” to determine the use, operation and the materials that our doors can be made with before looking at the styles.

Euro Alu.jpg
The CAL Arctic Door is Passive House Institute (PHI) Certified       
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