Vetta Building Technologies Inc. was founded by Alec Shalinsky and Sara James, who have been building homes for over 20 years. Vetta began in 1996 in British Columbia and is now located in Stratford, Ontario, the cultural city with the beautiful historical homes.

“We love these products that we are now bringing to Canada because we have first hand experience on how well they perform. While building a “CASA CLIMA GOLD” home, which is a Passive-like standard in Italy, we were first introduced to Sokolka. The criteria was to find a product that was extremely energy efficient  and with outstanding quality. Everything about these windows and doors have surpassed our expectations. Sokolka then introduced us to CAL Doors who are producing incredible entry doors with amazing energy efficiency, strength, durability and superb craftsmanship. With the environmental issues that the world is facing, we want to offer superior products to Canadians that will help them to achieve lower heating bills and much more comfort in their home while offering products that are hard to obtain in our country.”


Sokolka was bought by Inwido Group AB in 2006, a Swedish corporation which is now the largest window manufacturer in Europe. For over 40 years, Sokolka windows have been manufactured in Sokolka, Poland. Using their experience, state-of-the-art machinery and skilled tradespeople the company produces modern, innovative and eco-friendly products for our consumers. Even their glazing is produced on-site. Sokolka uses only FSC certified wood products which means that the wood is responsibly harvested.

Sokolka - Inwido Polska
Sokolka - Inwido Polska
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C-CAL Doors


A smaller, family run business who take their doors very seriously. CAL is located in Suwalki, Poland and has been operating since 1985. CAL is always ahead of the market in incorporating innovative technical solutions to design superior doors. They have figured out what a door is supposed to do and how it is supposed to be designed. From there they just continue to improve with energy efficiency and exceptional quality. They only use wood harvested from forests that comply with Fair Forest Management policies. We are proud to sell their products.

Tree Planting In Poland CAL
CAL Doors Tree Planting

CAL employees and owners tree planting. Each spring, two seedlings are planted for each tree that is harvested for the production of their doors.