Some important considerations while evaluating Vetta doors.

Our CAL Exterior Doors do everything that a REAL DOOR is supposed to do!

When you close a CAL entry door you will notice the magnificent energy efficiency and superior sound dampening. Look at how the door is built, they have made these doors to be extremely burglar proof. Now open the door and look at the triple gaskets along the edge, the multi-point locks that pull the door into the gaskets when you gently close the door. Notice the low threshold. Yes, the door looks and feels like a bank vault door but isn’t it easy to open and close?

Now that you have noticed how our doors are built let’s talk about the fact that whatever you dream up, the factory can build. Design choices are only stopped by your imagination. Your paint and stain options are almost endless. You can even add aluminum to offer extra protection to doors that will be exposed to the elements.

Okay, we are not stopping here. The doors can be built with a vast array of accessories which include multiple keyless entry options like Bluetooth technology, biometric and keypads. If someone has designed it, CAL offers it.

These doors are superior!

If you need further inspiration take a look at some of their doors.