Recommended Maintenance Guidelines

As with everything in your home, your new windows and doors require some upkeep, cleaning and maintenance. Your new operable European windows will make cleaning much easier since both sides of the glass are accessible from inside. We would recommend the following:

Spring and Fall:
Clean glass, screens and both the interior and exterior of the frames.

Once a year:
Clean and lubricate the operable hardware.
Clean and inspect the gaskets.

As required:
Clean the thresholds



Do not use any abrasive or ammonia based cleaners on your windows and frames.

We would recommend a mild window cleaning solution or a small amount of dish soap mixed with water. Using a soft cloth or a micro-fiber cloth, gently wash the glass. Remove the liquid with a squeegee or a clean, lint free cloth. Be sure to completely dry the edges and sill when done.

When cleaning the frames, the same instructions apply. Use only a mild cleaning detergent mixed with water and a soft cloth. Gently wash the frames  making sure to remove any dirt that has built up around the silicone seals on the edge of the glass, and then dry completely with a soft cloth.

Never use abrasive cleaners or pads on wood or aluminum frames. It will damage the finish.

Never use a metal scraper or razor as this can damage the glass and the frames.


Use a soft cloth or sponge, cleaning with a mild detergent or special screen cleaner which can be purchased at a hardware store. Take care to not apply too much pressure which will rip the screen. Do not use a pressure washer because this will damage the screens.



Be sure to inspect and clean your thresholds as needed. Use a broom or vacuum to remove any dirt or debris and then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Not doing this when required may damage the weather stripping on your threshold.

If the door seems to be difficult to move, it could mean that it needs adjustment or there may be something stuck underneath the door.

An adjustment may be required so give us a call for instructions.



To keep your windows and doors operating smoothly, you should clean the metal hardware with a mild cleanser and water. Be sure to dry completely before trying to lubricate.

Using (white lithium spray grease or technical Vaseline), lubricate the locking points on the hardware track. Be sure to insert the grease completely into the openings on the track.

Do not lubricate the locking pins since they may plug up with dirt and debris.

If your window or door is difficult to operate, it may need a bit of an adjustment. This is quite normal if something has settled over time. If you give us a call, we can guide you on the adjustment that is required.



Using mild soap and water again, clean and thoroughly dry the gaskets with a microfiber cloth.  Using a silicone spray, on a rag, you can carefully wipe the gasket, making sure to only apply the silicone on the gasket itself. We do not recommend spraying the gasket directly.