Vetta Building Technologies Inc. is owned by Alec Shalinsky and Sara James who have been building homes for over 20 years. Vetta began in 1996 in British Columbia and is now located in Stratford, Ontario, the cultural city with the beautiful historical homes.

“We love these products that we are now bringing to Canada because we have first hand experience on how well they perform. While building a “CASA CLIMA GOLD” home, which is a Passive like standard in Italy, we were first introduced to Sokolka. The criteria was to find a product that was extremely energy efficient  and with outstanding quality. Everything about these windows and doors have surpassed our expectations.

Sokolka then introduced us to CAL Doors who are producing incredible entry doors with amazing energy efficiency, strength, durability and superb craftsmanship.

With the environmental issues that the world is facing, we want to offer superior products to Canadians that will help them to achieve lower heating bills and much more comfort in their home while offering products that are hard to obtain in our country.

Our European suppliers, all with the technology and capacity, can handle orders of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a unique design for your modern, Passive Home or a historical retrofit, we are sure that we can accommodate your needs. If there is an insurmountable problem, we will probably find a way to deal with it.”